Sunday, September 24, 2006

Big Day Tomorrow

Do you think that Gordon is getting a full night of sleep tonight or is he up late, pacing the house, hoping and praying that it all goes well for him?

I can't imagine that the speech will be anything other than tedious, slow and delivered in his normal miserable tone.

I've laughed all week at some of the speeches he's given in the past. The jargon is almost legendary. Here's hoping (for his sake) that he has a better speech writer tomorrow.

A senior minister quoted in the Sunday Mirror said, "Gordon knows the speech is the most important he has ever made. It will cover every major issue - from the NHS and education to immigration and the war on terror. It will leave no one in any doubt they are watching Britain's next Prime Minister." Blah, blah, blah. Britain's next Prime Minister or another almost could have been?

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Anonymous said...

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Will the General Secretary of the fraternal Uzbekh Party be visiting or should we invite a Committee of the Supreme Soviet ?