Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blair Wants To Focus on Policies


Tony Blair must be living in a world that is very different from the one that we all live in. Or perhaps he is the most optimistic man in the world. On today's Sunday AM, Tony Blair called for his party to focus on the policies rather than the personalities at the upcoming conference. That is a little like asking the eternally damned to focus on the pretty colours of the underworld rather than the searing heat and incredible pain.

What I don't understand is why he continues to make these ridiculous statements. Surely it would be obvious even to a five year old involved in a playtime power struggle that if you give up your role as leader then the scrapping will begin. It is the earnest way in which he calls for these things that kills me. Does he truly believe it? Has he convinced himself to believe it despite knowing it to be ridiculous? Or has he gone mad?

The other part of this that is great is the idea that there are policies to focus on. Whose policies would those be? Blair's? He's a lame duck, so anything that he puts forward is going to be discounted almost immediately.

On the idea of personalities I also have a problem. Most of the guys that are going to run for leader of the Labour party don't have one! Where are the interesting candidates?

Good luck Tony. It sounds like Manchester is going to be a blast.


Gordo said...

I agree that you are disillusioned, but i also think you're a twat. Gordon Brown is the logical successor to the centrist labor party and will continue to lead britain to prosperity.

Sir Walter Raleigh said...

Forget Labour - the Conservatives will CRUSH the increasingly leftist commie group that will inevitably be headed by a fat ugly brown reverting to the "Labour mean".

Blair is the only asset the Labour Party has seen since inception in 1900.

Disillusioned and Bored said...

Hahaha. Thanks Gordo. I'm glad you used the phrase "lead Britain to prosperity" because we are a long way from that today.

On the twat point, I would entirely agree with you. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to comment on some of the more recent articles.