Sunday, September 24, 2006

Down to business

Well... it is very exciting to have to think about this posting. I suspect that it will become easier on Monday when the Labour party conference is on. No doubt there will be the normal band of misfits, irritants, idiots and psychos to post about. This year could be the best ever because of the Gordon/Tony issue.

It really is a mystery to me that we can be having such a media rucus about two incredibly mediocre guys. I look back through history and think of all the amazing things that mankind has accomplished, the scientific breakthroughs and the never ending wonder that is human achievement. Then I stack it up against the two miserable guys that are battling it out to run our country. Is it just me or can we do a little better?

We all laugh at suggestions that it might make sense to vote X-Factor style for politicians, but is it really that far fetched? Would Gordon Brown win that competition? At least X-Factor manages to choose good singers.

I'm quite pleased that the Labour party is winding itself up into a frenzy about who will take on Gordon (even his name is tedious, say it a few times). Alan and John are the other potential leaders - bored, bored, bored. I never thought I would say this, but maybe two shags would be a better choice. At least we would be kept on our toes as far as scandal is concerned, caught up in the kind of will he or won't he punch the Swedish head of state in the face debate.

I'll save my love of the Conservatives for the week following. Nobody can see implosion coming at that conference, so maybe it is ripe for a little craziness.

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