Sunday, September 24, 2006

Grief Makes Me Human

I wonder how many more stories are going to come out in the coming months about the trials and tribulations that our leading politicians have been through. It makes them more human, doesn't it?

Spin has been taken to a new low level. Gordon Brown was very forthright two weeks ago to Sky News about his own personal tragedy, the death of his daughter, and this week we have John Hutton pouring his heart out to the Sunday Times about the death of his father. This all comes on the back of news reports about senior members of the Department of Health receiving counseling to make them more "emotionally literate". I cannot believe the depths to which we are sinking.

I long for the days when attempts to tug at our heartstrings were focused on improving our lives rather than unburdening the minds of politicians. We all go through personal tragedy, but what happened to keeping it to ourselves? The stiff upper lip? Soldiering On?

Is all of this emotion real or just a coincidence that the offices of Prime Minister and deputy are up for grabs

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Voyager said...

I don't disagree - I too am thoroughly bored with the mindnumbingly third-rate and childish approach adopted by the media to everything.

As for Paxman - I would much much rather have Bamber Gascoigne on University Challenge and show the old black and white ITV episodes which were much more enlightening.

The fact is we live in an age when all the best actors are dead, all the great novelists are dead, all the top painters are dead,.............and we are left with plastic replicas.

It is an age devoid of adventure now lived by those who have not read the book but watched the video. It is an age of Shallowness by people who contemplate superficiality as if it were multi-layered.

Boredom is a natural state for the idling brain as it wonders whether to stop functioning or simply turn a few more cycles in search os stimulation. The Media has been captured by the ill-educated who have pushed out the educated and who now revel in the repetition of the startingly obvious and apply the uniformity of mass-production techniques no longer practised in manufacturing industry to the service sector.

The Service Sector is now ereduced to the drone-ike existence of Chaplin's "Modern Times" as lawyers are nothing more than clerks filing forms, and most graduates just end up as keypunch operators either in a call-centre or a merchant bank or consulting firm.

People are in the main boring, they have no ideas beyond what to buy and how much to spend..........they are obsessed with money rather as a rat in a cage obsesses about cheese