Sunday, September 24, 2006

Have Your Say And Other Lies

Modern politics is a giant exercise in pretending that those from the grass roots actually have a say.

Check out Labour's current website here and you will see their latest attempt at including the rank and file. "Why are you a Labour supporter?" I can't help but wonder who in their right mind would bother to enter a reason. Clearly the editor's pen has impacted the ones that are shown:

Chris Woods says "My children's education has been revolutionised."
Jenny Philcox from Bracknell says "Tony Blair's vision in health, education,welfare and country defences."
Roger Boniface from Hailsham says "only Labour can improve the lives of ordinary people."

Are these real?

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CGJung said...

I think they are 3 resonable points.

There has never been so much socialist revolutionary education in our schools.

Tony Blairs vision for health education welfare are find, its just the reality of what has happened that is the problem.

As for Labour being the only party that can help ordinary people this is also true for a large amount of them after 10 years of Labour.

As their employment relies on tax funded overstaffed and inefficient public services.

Expert spin from supposed free thinking individuals.