Friday, September 29, 2006

Look What Single Issue Campaigning Will Do To You

This picture was posted today on the world's best celebrity news website Oh No They Didn't. Apparently Brigitte Bardot turned 72 yesterday. 20 years of animal rights activism has not been kind.


Rick said...

In the beginning she was airbrushed and latterly she has paid for years of stressful living and no doubt drugs and cigarettes.............wasn't she the wayward daughter of a well-heeled Parisian banker ?

She is now what remains when trust in people has been eroded in serial affiliations and only dumb animals seem adequate companions

Anonymous said...

I for one think she looks good for her age. We should not be ashamed or hide our wrinkles. Lets not keep going down that road that is full of plastic surgery with people afraid to grow older. I celebrate her for being herself.