Monday, September 25, 2006

Gordon Brown's Mea Culpa

Wikipedia defines 'Mea Culpa' as "a Latin phrase that translates into English as "my fault", or "my own fault". Gordon didn't break out his schoolboy Latin today, but he may as well.

Modern politics has become a lesson in the power of apology and it has been used by characters great and small to atone for their various sins. Today was Gordon's turn to apologise for the disagreements he has had with Tony Blair and the fact that they may have "distracted from what matters". That is simply not good enough.

Shame on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown if they have ever been distracted by their petty rivalry. I hope that Labour party members hold both to a higher standard and treat Gordon accordingly. A man so easily distracted should not be put in charge of our nuclear deterrant (whatever form that takes).

Many will argue that all politicians are caught up in the petty power plays that take place behind closed doors, but that doesn't make it right and it certainly shouldn't lead them to take their eye off the ball. We must demand more.


Anonymous said...

Yes - demand more - Vote Conservative.

garypowell said...

There is only two things in Britain that have the power to make a British government accountable to the British people.

One is the law.

The other is the BBC.

So I think we can all see the problem we have making this Labour government accountable for anything at all.

So vote Tory and let the BBC do the ONLY thing it is now good at. Which is buggering up conservative governments.

I think even the BBC will one day get bored with trying to run the whole world.