Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Obituries, Eulogies and Elegies For Blair

It hasn't taken long for people to start reminiscing, with tears in their eyes, about the departure of Tony Blair. The stories, the mischief and the great speeches are all fodder for article after article written about life without Tony. The only problem is that he hasn't gone yet. He could be around for months. I wonder if we'll all be as happy after Christmas when he is still here and making that special grimacing face on Sunday morning television. You know the one I mean. It's his "We need to focus on the task at hand" face.

Obituries are being written a little too soon and the eulogising has taken over the news. In that spirit, I thought I would write a little elegy (not very good, but poetry never was my strong point).

Tony we might quite miss you
You've led us through some strife
You almost made friends with Gordon
Except for your crazy wife

You're leaving a sinking party
They're falling on hard times
Not quite sure which direction
Takes them away from your war crimes

So please make sure you sign up now
To all those business offers
Shady house deals and dodgy loans
Alone won't fill the coffers

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