Monday, September 25, 2006

Why So Many Labour Bridesmaids?

One thing that I have been struggling to figure out is why there are so many candidates for the post of Deputy Leader. Is it simply that they are too scared to run for the top job? Is Gordon that much of a certainty for the role of PM?

Whatever the answer, I cannot believe that they have posed for this ridiculous photograph. Whatever next?

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Rick said...

I never took much interest in which member of the Politburo was on the up, it was always tedious to decide if the General-Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union really had achieved as much as his official biography stated. It was similarly a problem to understand why Honecker was seen as so superior to Ulbricht or Gierek to Gomulka.

Britain is now in this similar phase of adapting to the Central Committee and its recommendations to the Party itself, we see also the sycophantic tributes put out by BBC (TASS), Mirror (Izvestiya), and Guardian (Pravda).

There was little mention of the harvest or pig-iron production, so it is pretty clear we shall be importing again; and the Kolkhozniki will be no doubt rewarded by having the newly privatised Machine Tractor Stations (MTS) under the control of the local Party Officials.

Yes, the USSR may have died but its soul beats on in Manchester