Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Will The Labour Party Invite Bush in Two Years Time?

Clinton really is the political equivalent of a Hollywood star. Labour delegates are incredibly excited about his speech today and it will be standing room only in the conference hall. If there wasn't a dry eye in the house yesterday, today there won't be a dry seat. This, despite the fact that slick willy holds no political office and has become something of a curiosity in his own country, running around with the current president's father raising money for various charities.

While the former president is likely to receive a standing ovation, the incumbent, Bush, would probably need an armed guard to make his way into the room. Yet Bush has been Tony Blair's closest international political ally for the last six years.

Gordon Brown hasn't given any indication that he will move away from Blair's close relationship with Bush and so I'm looking forward to Bush's speech to the Labour Party Conference in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Clinton is wonderully insincere - the consummate fraudster and Blair is his understudy.

It is Politics as Theatre (of the Absurd) and Clinton-Blair is the cultivation of image and the dimunition of substance..........still it is way for nations to decline.......they say that republics end through luxury and monarchies through vice