Sunday, September 24, 2006

You Are What You Cook

Great article on the BBC website that goes through the recipes that some leading politicians submitted for a charity cookbook. I thought it might be interesting to analyse these choices (not that the politicians probably came up with these themselves) and see what they say about the man.

Tony Blair - All in one sponge cake
I can only think that this is a metaphor for the way he treats the British people. All things to all people, but with a soft and generally unsatisfactory centre that is quite jammy.

Menzies Campbell - Smoked haddock pie
The fisheries global information system gives the identifying marks of the haddock as: palatine teeth lacking, chin barbel rather small, lower jaw shorter than upper. Sounds about right.

David Cameron - Sausage and pasta combination
This might be the best one. His was turned down because the Italian section was already full. Sometimes it isn't a good idea just to follow the popular crowd.

Not sure what John Major entered, but I think pea soup would have been appropriate. Prescott didn't enter one, but I think he enjoys apple pie in the privacy of his office - wink, wink.

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