Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Conservative Party Conference May Be Most Boring In History

I have been sitting at my computer racking my brain for something interesting to write about and I'm afraid I've given up. This is the most boring conference of all time. There are no leadership battles, no policy announcements and a limited number of scandals.

The newspapers have picked up on a couple of issues, but these are just page fillers. Talk of a crisis on tax policy, peerage scandals or Osborne's comments about autistic Chancellors is pretty low end stuff. Oh how we long for the drama and intrigue of last week.

Maybe today will be more interesting, but I doubt it. Cameron and Co. are playing the "keep your hand down and nose clean" strategy. It might work strategically, but it's bloody boring.

Update: There is a lot of hand wringing in The Mirror about Osborne's supposed autism comment. They really need to grow up and I hope he doesn't apologise.


hennypenny said...

They're talking about making laws here, not bloody sketch comedy! If you want a laugh or two, try Benny Hill. But if you're looking for sound domestic policy, good fiscal governance and an aggressive foreign policy, you need look no further than today's Conservative Party. Plus, as you recently pointed out, our babes far outsmoke the tired old hags the Liberal Party has put forth.

Disillusioned and Bored said...

Not necessarily looking for a laugh. I would happily write about policies, but there aren't any. In the absence of policies, laughs would be good.