Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Daily Show On The US Mark Foley Scandal

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Sid Luscious said...

Was a bit behind on this story--but true to the Daily Show's old motto ("The Daily Show--where more Americans get their news than should") I am now fully up to speed. Good golly! Co-Chair of the Committee to Prevent what he did. It reminds me of an earlier Daily Show comment on strident anti-gay right-wingers who surprisingly turn out to be--GAY: "When will people just accept it," John Stewart said, "They're all gay." What's fascinating, in light of earlier comments on this site about a lack of policies at the Conservative Conference, is that as our former colonies face a critical mid-term election that could dramamtically curtail the mandate of an executionally inept administration, our former colonists focus instead on a "mandate" (pardon the pun, but couldn't resist) between a congressman and a 16-year old page, however wrong. As old Cicero said, panes et circenses, and these days far more of the latter than the former.