Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fun And Games By The Sea

Both Iain Dale and Guido have been reporting on the never ending queue to get into the Conservative Party Conference. Guido is also predicting the demise of Francis Maude as Chairman.

I thought I might help the situation (perhaps taking the pressure off Francis) by preparing a few games that could be played while those outside wait for their badges. These are all twists on popular travel games for children that can be found here.

1. Two truths and a lie
Each player gets a chance to make three policy statements - two which are true and one that is false.
The other players have to guess which statement is the lie - number one, two or three, by indicating with their fingers.
The winner is the one that correctly identifies that they are all lies - there are no policies.

2. Buzz words
Players need to be quiet to listen for words in this game.
Choose a word and listen out for it at the conference.
As soon as a player hears the word they shout ‘buzz’
Extra points are awarded for the words "social responsibility" and "sunshine".

3. Whispers
One player starts by whispering a message, only once, to the next player. This player then whispers to the next player and so it goes on until the last player who has to say it out loud to the conference in a Hot Topic Debate!

4. I went to the government and bought...
The first player starts by reciting what he or she had to pay for a peerage.
The next player then has to recite what the previous player paid, as well as add their own amount to the list.
The player who forgets an item is out of the game, while the rest battle on, till there is eventually only one player left. They get arrested.

Feel free to suggest any others.


Gamester said...

How about that game where you pass oranges from under one chin to the other. I don't have any witty reason to include it, I just quite like the game.

Average guy on the street said...

This sounds like such a fun conference.