Friday, October 13, 2006

Holding Out Hoprah

Frequent readers of this blog will recall that I recently wrote a piece on Sen. Barack Obama (here). I did this at the request of my British landlord, but must confess that I couldn't have been less excited to write about him. I hope he doesn't run. I hope Hillary Clinton doesn't run. I hope to high heaven Evan Bayh doesn't run. And heaven forfend Joe Lieberman runs.

But you know who I hope does run? Oprah Winfrey. I'm not the first to think this, I know, as you can see here and here and even a petition you can sign here. But I did come to this conclusion on my own. Like wings on birds and wings on bats, if the same idea is ocurring independently to so many people, there must be something to it.

I would vote for her ten times, if I could. I don't care if she runs as a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent or even the Strathkelvin People's Independent Labour candidate (as long as she spelled it "Labor"). Just so long as she runs, I'll vote for her.

She's everything I think a President should be: a proven executive, a great communicator, empathetic, self-made, and likeable. I don't watch her show, I'm not in her book club, and I frankly didn't think all that much of The Color Purple. But I don't care. She's great, and she's just what we need.


Essexpot said...

What about Al Gore? He's a movie star now, and actually has political experience to boot. Also, I'd quite fancy a shag with him

dmunny said...

Why doesn't the British guy post anymore?