Monday, October 23, 2006


Our regular column from Our American Cousin.

I spent the weekend in the wilds of Connecticut, and saw a fresh crop of signs for our impending mid-term elections. Mathematically, I take it as a foregone conclusion that "Joltin' Joe" Lieberman will win as an independent: the Democrats were split, so he's got some of their votes, the Republican is literally a gamble-holic whom his own party won't back, so that gives Joe a nice slug of the Republican vote--which puts him over the top. In and of itself disappointing, as he is quite boring, but even more disturbing because he will likely hold the balance of power of the Senate in his hands. Am I terrible for minding that mostly, not because of policy, but because I find him insufferable to watch. He sounds like the dad from A.L.F., whiny and ineffectual.

Hopefully the Nutmeg State will come to its senses, and save the rest of us from six more years of this very boring human being who mistakenly believes we enjoy seeing him in the spotlight.


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