Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Feeling Taxed

So it seems that the Conservative tax commission has identified £21 billion of tax cuts and it's thrown the Tories into a bit of a spin.

What's irritated me most is Osborne's ridiculous point about shifting taxes from families to green items. My first problem with this is that we, the consumer, will always end up paying wherever the burden of tax falls. The point shouldn't be to move taxes around it should be to reduce the overall burden. The second point is that if the taxes are successful, i.e. they reduce the damage to the environment, then the government will collect less overall. Where will this new shortfall be made up if there aren't commensurate cuts? Oh that's right, the original taxpayer.

Osborne also bangs on about sharing the benefits of growth. That sounds terrific except that this means public expenditure could continue to grow in real terms.

Where is the choice in this country? I know that Cameron wants everyone to be saying he's just another Blair - that's how he wins. The problem is that it leaves such limited choice for the electorate. Let me make a prediction: turnout at the next election will be lower than the last. The electorate will continue to stay away from the ballot box while the ultimate outcome has no bearing on their vote, either through "wasted" votes in safe constituencies or votes for parties that you can't fit a razor blade between.

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Praguetory said...

I don't like Osbourne or the Tory tactics in this regard. Our instincts are towards lower taxes and lower spending. I understand that it is hard to make promises now, but he should at least look like he cares about the issue. I think most people at Tory conference felt the same as you. What Ozzie is doing at the moment is actually making it more difficult for himself when he actually has the chance to deliver lower taxes.