Tuesday, October 03, 2006

There Is Life In Bournemouth After All

The Guardian Unlimited has posted an absolutely brilliant video of Boris Johnson trying to escape from the media horde. It's been a tough day for the blonde assassin.

He's apparently put his foot in his mouth four times today. The first over whether parents should be stuffing their kids faces with pies through school fences - he thinks they should. The second for saying that Gordon Brown shouldn't be Prime Minister for being Scottish. Thirdly he branded booster seats ridiculous and finally thought that local autonomy could lead to Sharia law in Tower Hamlets.

Absolutely first class and about time somebody said something interesting at this conference. This will be huge in tomorrow's press as there is absolutely nothing else to report. I don't believe in politically motivated apologies and I hope Boris sticks to his guns.

If indeed Francis Maude does lose his job after this conference - a possibility because of the poor execution of the accreditation process - then Boris could be a victim of any reshuffle.

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Serf said...

What would we do without Boris. The man is irrepressible and everything he says is true.