Monday, November 27, 2006

BA At A Cross Roads

I have read with interest the debate about whether British Airways employee Nadia Eweida should be able to wear her cross to work. Setting aside the fact that television interviews show that she is clearly barking mad, I still believe that BA has every right to ask her to remove this religious item.

Tony Blair weighed into the debate today at the CBI with the following, "If you want my really frank advice on this: one of the things I have learnt in politics is there are battles really, really worth fighting and there are battles really, really not worth fighting. All I would say to you is get the right side of the line on that one. That's my honest advice." An interesting view of the world from a man who claims to be a conviction politician, but not surprising given Tony Blair's own religious beliefs.

The battle lines have been drawn on this issue and I am a firm believer that it should become a wider debate about the role of religion in society. For those of you that have not read Sam Harris' excellent book "The End of Faith", he makes a strong case for taking the debate to religious moderates. I have attached a video below of a talk he gave in 2005. Well worth a watch (just skip the first minute).

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