Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Will NEVER Sign A Voluntary Blogging Code

If there weren't already too many intrusions into our daily lives, with CCTV cameras on every corner and substantial data mining of our every digital activity, the Press Complaints Commission Director Tim Toulmin has today called for a voluntary code of conduct for blogs (here). I have never heard of a more ridiculous concept and any suggestion of this in the United States would be shot down in seconds.

Alastair Campbell was quoted as saying that "some of the most offensive stuff" comes from blogs. Well I suppose he'd know, but so what? Why is nothing allowed to be offensive anymore. Here's something offensive for them: I think Alastair Campbell and Tim Toulmin are shitheads and parasites, sucking the life out of the country.

There are two main reasons that I will NEVER sign a voluntary code:
1) Existing laws of libel cover everything written on this site
2) I believe in the internet as a free speech zone. This blog should not have to be answerable to a Quango

I'm sure that there will be some that look at a voluntary code as a way of preventing legislation. This is not a reason to sign. We should also fight legislation above and beyond existing laws. Now is a time to campaign forcefully against this before it builds a head of steam.


Jock Coats said...

Absolutely. And we should not forget that for a long time now complainants against internet sites have had the uppoer hand as ISPs have over-reacted to so called "take down" notices.

Praguetory said...

Up and linked. Let me know what you think of my self-imposed "rules".