Thursday, November 30, 2006

Leave The Kids Alone

We are obsessed with sick children in this country. If you were as unfortunate as I was to watch little Nikkita on GMTV this morning you will have probably been as disgusted with the show as it made me. A patently miserable child was paraded in front of the British viewing public to try on wigs to cover her alopecia. The cooing by the presenter Kate Garraway (yes, the one married to New Labourite Derek Draper) when the eight year old put on her wig probably reinforced the inner views of the child that she looked terrible without it. On the contrary, Nikkita looked like a perfectly sweet child without the wig and very uncomfortable with it on. GMTV describes this as making a child's Christmas wish come true. That's a fantastic, somewhat gimmicky goal, if true, but does she really need to be paraded on national television to "earn" this wish?

GMTV also led their news with footage of Gordon Brown. Now I'm sure we all feel terribly for any parent who has a child with an illness and this certainly extends to Gordon Brown, but have we become such an emotional wreck of a country that these stories need to be front page and headline news? What has happened to a respectful silence and distance on these issues?

Update: I have been linked to by Team Alopecia and wanted to welcome visitors from that site and invite any thoughts or comments on this story.

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