Friday, December 01, 2006

Well Done Britain!

A regular column from Our American Cousin...

As I have written before, we Americans frankly pay very little attention to your politics over there. True to that, this is not about Tories, Whigs or the Queen's marmalade and whatsuch.

Rather, a recent study by two Welsh professors has caused quite a stir over here. I am referring of course to the Antikythera mechanism recently "decoded."

It raises real questions, namely, how does the material record go from no "part" calculators to a full blown lunar calculator? Didn't someone start with a Jr. version that could at least predict the phase of the moon for the next day? I mean, 82 pieces is a lot for being the only one.

But those musings aside, I just wanted to say well done by Wales! Glad to see Cardiff in the news, reminding us Yanks that Britain isn't just London, but a big country with a lot going on, even "two hours and a million miles away."

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