Thursday, January 25, 2007

GMTV's Janus

Uh that's Janus rather than anus, but you would have been forgiven for assuming the latter if you had watched this morning's show. Caroline Flint, the government minister responsible for getting us all fit, was on the show talking about childhood obesity. This was in response to the fattest seven year old I've ever seen. A more corpulent child would need to be put in a wheelbarrow and this doughboy couldn't stop himself from huffing and puffing like a 70 year old man even when he was sitting down. This was clearly parental irresponsibility on a massive scale and GMTV at least pointed this out. Unfortunately, the very next item was where in Britain you could buy the best fish and chips and there were at least three or four school kids tucking in at this award winning establishment. You couldn't make it up.


kate said...

i saw the fish and chip section, and was completely gutted that in lewisham south east london you cant get good fish and chips after 5 oclock. as to telling people their kids are fat, i would know if my kids were fat, i also know that by feeding my kids crap and letting them watch tv for hours on end is not going to stop them getting fat. but there is so much available even in schools that is bad, you cant possibly stop all kids getting it. there are people like myself who know and take time to think about kids health but there are many that dont have a clue. i think educating people along with getting food companies to really improve the quality of food and reducing the price of healthy foods is the way forward.

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