Monday, January 15, 2007

Harry Training For Iraq

It is interesting to see (here) that Prince Harry is training to go to Iraq and it says a great deal about his character that he seems keen to go with the guys he's trained with. It is likely that in the next few months, Prince William could be put in the same position. I cannot understand those who say that the second and third in line for the throne should not be heading out there in case they come to harm. Do we still believe in the 21st century that royal lives are worth more or less than any other? I will be disgusted if the MOD decide that either of them shouldn't go. I certainly hope that no harm comes to either, but I feel the same way about everyone that we have out there, from the cooks to the generals.

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SJS said...

i strongly disagree with this column. it is not an issue of royal blood being worth more than any other blood. By Harry going to Iraq, he could possibly become a "high value" target for insurgents and put the people he is serving with in even greater danger than the inherent dangers of war.