Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blair Drums Up The Usual Suspects For Support

Interesting article on the BBC website here that sums up the comments of ministers that came out swinging for Blair today. Unsurprisingly, Blears, Jowell and Hewitt drew the short straws. What was more interesting was who wasn't out defending the Prime Minister. If that's the best they can rustle up then he really must be in trouble.

The key talking points can be summed up as follows:

1. He should be allowed to "get on with the job";
2. He should all be wary of "unattributed" stories;
3. It would be "undemocratic" to drive him from office during the inquiry;
4. "The prime minister is giving outstanding leadership."

As far as number one is concerned it seems pretty clear to me that a Prime Minister who doesn't have control over the Cabinet or his party cannot just "get on with the job." I have a little sympathy with the second point and I do think the Labour politicians who are spinning against Blair should to some extent put up or shut up. I cannot for the life of me work out what is "undemocratic" about his party pushing him from office. That is exactly the way our political system is supposed to work. He cannot be primus inter pares without the support of other MPs. Once this is lost then he should no longer be Prime Minister. This overrides any party systems to elect leaders and so it should. Do I need to say anything about four other than it is patently not the case.

Weak talking points, none of the big gun ministers. How long does Blair have left?


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