Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cameron Sinking Lower And Lower This Morning

David Cameron has made a major media appearance today on This Morning with Fern and Phil. Incisive questions such as "How do we deal with extremists in our society?" were followed up with "Why's Tony Blair having such a tough time?" Fern clearly fancies herself as a little bit of a serious interviewer and why wouldn't she after her long stint on Ready Steady Cook? I would think that the new host of that programme, Ainsley Harriott, will be in line for the BBC Political Editor role in a year or two.

My favourite part of the interview was Fern's impassioned "Patients just want clean hospitals, with clean sheets and no bugs, with decent food and good nurses". I can just see the letters being written now by Doreen in Whitstable, "Thanks Fern for speaking on behalf of us normal people". The problem with this is that these things don't just appear Fern they need policies and that means talking about other points that are slightly more complicated.

These lightweight interviews play a specific role of reaching an audience that isn't normally interested in politics, but in terms of learning anything new about the Conservative party it was a waste of time. This was a very Blairesque performance and I'm sure the styles will be compared again and again.

To put this edition of This Morning into perspective, the other major guest was Jamie Oliver's dad. Are you kidding me? What the bloody hell? I'm surprised Jamie Oliver's postman hasn't gotten in on the act. All aboard the Cash-In Express.

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