Thursday, February 08, 2007

Congestion Ken

I've just been reading over the form I'll need to fill in for my Congestion Poll Tax when the charging zone expands into my street on February 19th. I started off outraged that I'd be hit with an additional £200 charge, but I suppose in the mini police state that is the UK, it isn't a massive amount of money. In fact, the more I've thought about it the happier I've become. I now qualify for the 90% discount on the overall cost, so I'll be happily driving into the old congestion charge zone on weekdays because it'll make no financial difference. I might not be able to park, but I'm sorry Ken I'll be driving round congesting all day everyday to teach you a lesson.

The western front of the congestion charge zone will cover a massive residential area of people who will probably drive in central London much more than they did before. Please tell me this isn't just a money making scheme.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Money-making, unwanted, Big Brother.......etc, etc.

One day the British people will rise up against this bureaucracy

Adi said...

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