Monday, February 05, 2007

Guardian Knows Nothing, So Makes Up Headline

There's a story on The Guardian website (here) with the headline "Blair will not face third interview". Well there we are. We should assume that Blair is in the clear and that all is right with the world should we? Well er... no actually.

If you bother to read the article you realise that the only evidence they have of "will not" is the word of Blair's official spokesman who is not aware of any contact between No 10 and Scotland Yard regarding a further interview. Indeed, he has "checked with everyone [he] can conceivably check with in Downing Street and in wider government and the answer is no." Well that's a little different from "will not" isn't it. It may be more appropriate to use the headline, "Blair may not face third interview because we can't find someone to tell us he will, but wait a minute they kept it secret from us last time, so we cannot categorically say either way". Not as snappy, but about 100% more accurate.

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