Monday, February 05, 2007

Protect And Survive

There is a brilliant article here in the Guardian by Steve Boggan. He has visited the huge government underground bunker in Wiltshire that was built as a command and control centre in the event of a nuclear war. He has also examined the current civil defense measures in place to protect us today.

His article mentions the old Protect and Survive government instructions and I've found some really interesting old videos on Youtube. Here's one entitled "Action After Warnings".


William Thomas said...

An extremely disturbing time of my life. I'm now 35 and clearly remember the horror of this threat - in senior (high) school at the time, I recall one specific day when I hid in our back garden when the town was testing the warning sirens. Still chills me to this day and god damn the powers that be that put us through this misery. Cheers for the blog entry.

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