Thursday, January 25, 2007

GMTV's Janus

Uh that's Janus rather than anus, but you would have been forgiven for assuming the latter if you had watched this morning's show. Caroline Flint, the government minister responsible for getting us all fit, was on the show talking about childhood obesity. This was in response to the fattest seven year old I've ever seen. A more corpulent child would need to be put in a wheelbarrow and this doughboy couldn't stop himself from huffing and puffing like a 70 year old man even when he was sitting down. This was clearly parental irresponsibility on a massive scale and GMTV at least pointed this out. Unfortunately, the very next item was where in Britain you could buy the best fish and chips and there were at least three or four school kids tucking in at this award winning establishment. You couldn't make it up.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A New Arms Race?

Great to see that China now has the capability to shoot down satellites (here). That should come as good news to democratic governments and mobile phone companies all over the world.

It must only be a matter of time now before a head-on confrontation with the US occurs. The key reason made for this not happening is the interdependence of their economies and the high level of trade between the two. However, this assumes that the quasi-communist regime in China cares for the well being of its citizens - a big assumption - and that relations with the US are the key to its long-term economic future.

With around a billion people, it dwarfs the United States and makes Britain look like a pimple on a panda's bottom. I for one will be learning Mandarin as soon as possible. Now what's Chinese for "yes sir"!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bloody Goody and Smelly Kelly

This weekend has been all about resetting my body clock after my trip and I'm pleased to say that it's worked. I got up at a normal time this morning despite spending half the night watching the Indianapolis Colts versus the New England Patriots on Sky Sports. To the detractors of American Football, there would not have been a better game to watch. High scoring and full of drama, it was a tale of two quarter backs and the weight of recent history. The Colts won and I can't wait to see Peyton Manning in the Superbowl.

The one "significant" news item I missed on my recent trip overseas was the Jade Goody race row. I cannot believe that this has dominated news headlines for so long. I can't even pretend to find this interesting. This is a pathetically thick woman on a show created for and watched by morons. What does it say about racism in Britain? Absolutely nothing. Now let's move on.

The other person that does continue to attract my negative attention is Ruth Kelly. Where did Nu Labour find this hideous individual. It staggers me that as Communities Minister she can be so opposed to one part of it. Her views on homosexual adoption are questionable at best if held personally, but downright outrageous in the position she's in. The counter argument is that we are all entitled to personal opinions. As I have said here before, specifically in relation to Ruth Kelly's decision to take her "special needs" child out of state schooling, if she wants to have opinions that are diametrically opposed to the manifesto under which she was elected and serves then she should resign. Please resign!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Heaven And Earth Is The BBC At Its Worst

I got back from my trip to New Zealand yesterday and although I was away for just three weeks I feel like I've been away for months. My body clock is in turmoil, but I'm hoping to get it back in the right time zone over the next couple of days.

Normally I'm tucked up asleep in bed at 10:35am on Sundays but due to the trip I've been up since 6am. Imagine how excited I was to discover Gloria Hunniford's BBC programme "Heaven and Earth". It's a bit of a grab bag of a show, featuring celebrity interviews, debates on hot religious topics and news style reporting. The phrases "low brow" and "dumbing down" would be a kind way to describe a show that looks at some of the greatest philosophical questions in a truly facile and pointless manner.

Today's show featured the top guest line-up of David Blunkett and Englebert Humperdinck. However, it wasn't their searing religious insights that got me fired up enough to write a blog entry, it was their ridiculous segment on the teaching of intelligent design in British schools. The main focus of the segment was Dr Alastair Noble, an "expert" in intelligent design and a scientist who wanted to see it taught in science lessons. I wanted to find out more about this chap as there aren't many credible scientists that support ID. What I found with a quick Google search came as no surprise. He is not an expert on this topic and actually works as the Scottish Education Officer for the Christian charity CARE (Christian Action Research and Education). You can see a little bit more about him here. This was not ever pointed out on the programme and is either classic BBC sloppiness or something a little more dangerous. Interestingly, that small description of him points out that he has also worked for the BBC. This lack of information on his background left viewers with the sense that he was coming from a purely scientific perspective, rather than a Christian one. I don't have a problem with a range of views, but we should definitely ensure that we know who is talking and why.

Suffice to say I will not be watching this crappy programme again. Good to see our TV tax being spent on low quality sunday morning rubbish.