Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mii A Party Leader?

One of the features of the new Nintendo Wii is the ability to create your Mii. This is the digital representation of you in the game and online. Loads of websites have sprung up that focus on famous Miis. I've taken a crack at the UK political party leaders here:

Feel free to make your own political mii online here and I will post the best ones that are emailed to me. There will definitely be a prize for the winner.

Update: By popular request, here is Nigel Farage. I've given him the funny wine-purple colour from the UKIP website as his top. Unfortunately, he's quite tough to do as he has few distinguishing marks:

Update 2: This article has been linked to by Danny Finkelstein at Times Comment Central and so I've whipped up a Mii for him.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crazy Ken And His Fantastic Police State

I'm not sure if this is an actual sign (I found it here), but if it is then we should be afraid.

Bush Bikes Through Bomb Drill

This from Think Progress:
“Dozens of high-level officials joined in a White House drill [today] to see how the government would respond if several cities were attacked simultaneously with bombs similar to those used against U.S. troops in Iraq. … President Bush went on a bike ride [this] morning and did not take part in the test.” (HT: Huffington Post)

It's just not surprising any more. Not long now...