Thursday, March 29, 2007

Voluntary Code Free Zone

More rubbish from the BBC (here) on the need for a voluntary code for blogs.

Here are the two logos that I'm hoping people will adopt and put on their sites to signify their attitude towards the concept of a voluntary code.

Here is the main one:

And for those with a more sensitive disposition:

You can read more about the voluntary code here as reported by the BBC.

I have had some requests for a high res version of the middle finger logo. You can get that here. Please drop me a line if you decide to use any of these, so I can add it to my list of adopters.

Update: James Higham of Nourishing Obscurity has figured out the HTML for posting the polite badge. I can't figure out how to post the HTML to the blog entry without it turning into the image, so if you want the code then just email me.